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Latuda has minimal effects on weight, glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides during both short- and long-term treatment (up to 24 months).1,2

Less than 10% of patients reported weight gain as an adverse event.2

Some patients may gain weight and this was identified as a common side effect with Latuda (4.8% gained ≥7% of their weight in 6-week studies).2,3 Patients should continue to be monitored for weight gain as some patients gained weight in long-term trials.2,3

Body weight

Patients experienced minimal weight gain during treatment with Latuda.4

When switched from olanzapine, patients lost a mean of 1.9kg during 6 months’ treatment with Latuda.4

Mean change in body weight from double-blind baseline to 6 months’ open-label treatment with Latuda4

Adapted from Stahl SM et al. 20134


During 24 months of treatment with Latuda, there were no clinically meaningful changes in:1

  • Total cholesterol
  • LDL cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Triglycerides

Mean change from baseline in total cholesterol and triglycerides after 24 months’ treatment1

Adapted from Correll CU et al. 20161


Over 6 weeks, there were negligible changes in mean glucose levels in patients treated with Latuda, whereas there was a significant increase vs. placebo in patients treated with olanzapine (p<0.05).5

Increase in glucose levels has been reported as an uncommon side effect with Latuda. Appropriate clinical monitoring is advisable in diabetic patients and in patients with risk factors for the development of diabetes mellitus.

Mean change from baseline in glucose after 6 weeks’ treatment5

*p-value vs. placebo: p<0.05.
Olanzapine was the active control. The olanzapine treatment group was included to confirm the assay sensitivity of the study.
Adapted from Meltzer HY et al. 20115

Staying on treatment

After 6 weeks, discontinuation rates due to adverse events were 3.7% with Latuda vs. 4.1% with placebo.6

Discontinuation rates due to adverse events were 6.6% over 12 months’ treatment in a double-blind study.7

Discontinuation rates due to adverse events after 6 weeks’ treatment6

Adapted from Loebel A et al. 20136

HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; LOCF, last observation carried forward;