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Start your adult patients
with schizophrenia
on Latuda


The recommended starting dose of Latuda is 37mg/day – no initial dose titration is required.1

Effective dose range 37–148mg once-daily; maximum dose is 148mg/day.1

In patients classified as early non-responders to 74mg/day at Week 2, 74.4% of patients re-randomised to Latuda 148mg/day then experienced a treatment response.2

Dose increase based on physician judgement and clinical response.1

Note: not actual tablet size


Latuda should always be taken with a meal (at least 35O calories), as taking with food improves absorption.1

Latuda should be taken at the same time every day to aid compliance.1

Switching from other antipsychotics

It is recommended that switching to Latuda should include a cross-taper, although in individual cases it may not be required and clinical judgement should apply.3,4

Please refer to SmPC before prescribing Latuda.